Smync provides the integrated cloud-based toolkit to help you build authentic Social Word-of-Mouth and advocacy, empowering growth in trusted social reach, greater engagement, amplifying paid media, driving sales and building brand equity. From identifying your best potential advocates, to managing and fostering relationships, to finding audiences interested in topics and personally engaging one-to-many, to growing referrals, to building a branded advocate community where your biggest fans get an unique insider connection to your brand with exclusive content, surveys, chat, photo contests, community content and more.

There are many reasons a Word-of-Mouth impression is worth up to 200x a paid impression. Smync helps you keep that authentic buzz around your brand coming, providing your business with a measurable Return on Advocacy.

Smync is all about relationships, so why should your publishing follow the same schedule as everybody else’s “best times”? Smync analyzes post types, engagement types, post time, engagement velocity, delta between post and engagement and more – and we do this for each of your social communities and continually test to determine the best times to post based on when the best social connections in your communities are engaging.

If you need to bolster your brand content, Smync makes finding curated content better and more effective. See what content is having the greatest response and impact with your engaged audience to continually improve future results. Curate quality content by topic including your favorite RSS feeds and our learning filter removes topics or sources you don’t want, so your suggestions keep getting better for your particular needs.

Publish also includes a social media calendar, allowing easy visibility of the upcoming content across all your communities. Additionally, you see advanced analytics to understand the impact of your content – what content is working, what engagement occurred, what the reach is and what is resonating with your best social connections.

Other powerful features built in include auto-hashtagging, ensuring interested people outside your communities looking for content on your topic into your community. Also, Smync’s integrated link shortener tracks beyond just clicks, providing dark social and tracking activity generated by each individual enthusiast or advocate, giving you greater visibility of the true interaction and reach of your content.

In the end, your social publishing needs to generate maximum impact and engagement, help you understand what is working and what isn’t…Smync does all that and more..

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