Smync Platform Features

The Smync platform is an easy-to-use, powerful toolkit to build social word-of-mouth and brand advocacy for brands and agencies of all sizes and industries.

Smync focuses on relationships, because in your quest for consumers’ trust and attention, you need the relationships with your trusted advocates sharing your brand’s message to get the attention from their friends, family and other social connections.

Our patent-pending technology identifies your best advocates from across your social media communities instantly, gives you the tools to foster and amplify those relationships and empowers you to provide a digital clubhouse for your best fans, where they get a 2-way experience with your brand that leads to sustained excitement as they share your word, generate authentic content, provide referrals and insights and drive trust and sales.

The overview gives a hint at what lies inside, and feel free to take a look at some of the beneficial elements of the platform shown on other pages. If you would like a free demonstration, click here

Smync builds Social Media Relationships for Brands


Smync is built around relationships and using our patent-pending technology, our SRM (Social Relationship Manager) identifies your best fans from across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and more puts these relationships front-and-center. From here, you can easily engage and connect with your best on a one-to-one basis, see their history of interacting with your brand’s content, put them in a focused audience, keep notes or, with one click, personally recruit them to be a part of your brand advocate community.  Learn More


Smync makes publishing smarter. Curate current content in the topics you choose from around the web, including your favorite RSS feeds and makes it easy to publish across all your social communities. While that isn’t a big deal, our learning filter, which gets smarter in knowing your preferences over time for faster, better results saves you time and we track engagement within each of your social media communities to schedule when engagement is highest for your specific community. Cool limit sliders and publishing calendar make it easy to manage all your social network publishing. Learn More


Smync helps you understand and ignite the social word-of-mouth around your brand. Through our connection to Twitter’s realtime firehose, we provide constantly updated audiences of the most engaged in your community, advocates you may not know about, influencers/bloggers who follow you and provide the power to build custom audiences based on demographic, topical and other data. Start the social relationship, send automated personalized campaigns on a one-to-many basis and track the results. Learn More


Bulletin provides the ability for you to quickly launch attractive, branded and media-rich landing pages to have either your brand or your advocates share when you’re wanting to drive a specific message or campaign. Easily inform people of upcoming events, gather email signups, promote sales and more. Build these pages without any programming knowledge or IT resources. Integrates with leading email services to help grow your lists while providing automatic responses and detailed tracking. Learn More


Understanding what people in your advocate community or social communities think about current products, messages, the company in general is very valuable information. Smync’s easy-to-use Survey lets you get insights from either your social community or your advocate community quickly and easily. Additionally, Smync can match up your survey results against powerful 3rd party data for unparalleled demographic, psychographic and purchasing intent and consumer behavrior insights, with over 7,500 audience data segments and data sources like Experian, Nielsen, iBehavior and more. Learn More


There is no formula for viral. However, there are definitely better ways to authentically create brand buzz and trending moments. Shout by Smync allows you to collect permission from your fans in your various social media communities to either put in their own authentic post or choose from one of your messages. At your selected time, Shout will blast your message using your fans social media accounts, with messages all properly hashtagged to ensure maximum impact. Perfect for product launches, book launches, big events and more. Learn More


Community is where the magic happens. Empower your brand advocates and provide a 2-way experience with your brand that has them sharing the word that drives trusted reach, increased engagement, user-generated content, referrals and purchases. Easily build your branded advocate community where your recruited advocates get to see exclusive content, all your social content, become their own community, take part in photo contests, provide insights, and take part in exclusive advocate events. One-sided “share my content” solutions wane in effectiveness, where the Smync Community platform provides a sustainable hub of activity that makes advocates feel valued. Learn More


Smync believes in social word-of-mouth and brand advocacy and empowers our users with the ability to prove the impact of their advocacy efforts. The Learn analytics suite provides a series of analytics dashboards that allow you to see the results from a variety of angles. Our deep-social tracking and connections to premium data streams, such as Twitter’s real time firehose Gnip, provides enrichment and REAL engagement data that other platforms simply don’t or infer the results. Our approach allows us to track activity generated by the brand and advocates through our platform much farther, letting you see results on an individual, content and community level, including real impressions, app downloads, enriched demographics and content engagement. Learn More

R.O.A. – Return on Advocacy

When Smync says we can prove the return on advocacy, we mean it. Smync tracks from social through digital to see conversion – yes, sales, email signups, earned media and more. Our RoA feature makes it easy for you to understand who your most valuable advocates are, how much revenue your word-of-mouth efforts have generated and how deep the engagement improved because of the trusted reach generated when advocates share content. Easily see the value, assign value to your key content and display exactly what your RoA is. Learn More

User and Brand Management

Smync is a scalable platform, providing a solution for every business from the coffee shop next door to the biggest coffee brand in the world and the mega-agency that handles their social media. From a marketing department of one to the most complex global agency with hundreds of clients to a national franchise organization with centralized content and local control, along with different teams and approvals, Smync makes it easy to manage your users, assigning them to individual brands with their rights level to ensure workflow goes easily and the right people see the right information. Learn More

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