Why Choose Smync?

Once you’ve decided that you really need to get moving on Social Brand Advocacy, what platform is going to help you more than others and make it an easy experience to identify, foster and ignite brand advocates and build an awesome community that helps drive referrals, provides powerful user-generated content, delivers insights, and fulfills your need for measurable business impact?

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Smync

1) Only complete social brand advocacy solution – identify, engage, foster, build community, measure real social and business results – that igniting your true influencers – your brand advocates. Their authenticity and passion translate into gained trust and consumers’ attention. Think 92% trust, up to 200x value of a paid impression, triggering purchases up to 50x more and a 12% increase in advocacy 2x your revenue growth rate. When people know (and they do) that a social influencer is doing it for compensation…cut those metrics by up to 5x. 

2) We save you tons of valuable time and resources. Our patent-pending system identifies your best advocates with engagement 5x compared to some of the best agencies picking by end. Better results, instantly. Launch campaigns and get insights with our Bulletin, Survey and Shout tools without needing programming our IT resources. Just Go! Focus on strategy, execution and creative…not wasting time.

3) We can Prove It and give Real Results. Our RoA technology tracks from social (including through dark social) through digital conversion – see who is driving earned media, engagement, referrals and actual sales. Also, through our relationships with Twitter and other social networks, see REAL metrics (not inferred) and 16 other critical engagement metrics most other solutions don’t provide.

We’ve got a lot more reasons…literally hundreds. But, let’s talk about how brand advocacy can help your business.

The Days of Mad Men Marketing Are Over

All marketers are coming to the realization that traditional marketing is broken. You can’t measure success by your own metrics and in a world where we are all so bombarded by digital advertising on our phone, social networks and more – we don’t trust it and we ignore it.

The Days of Mad Men Metrics are over – the number of eyeballs who saw your ad doesn’t matter. The number of ‘likes’ on Facebook doesn’t matter. How many fans you have on Instagram…yep, doesn’t matter.

You are competing for two things – consumer’s trust and attention. You have to have both to succeed – to increase engagement, to build brand trust, to generate sales, to retain loyal customers. When you consider that only 1% of those under 35 can have their trust swayed by a compelling ad and an authentic word-of-mouth impression can be worth up to 200x a paid one, it’s easy to understand why it’s time to build social word-of-mouth and brand advocacy.

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