The Social Media Monthly Special Offer

In today’s digital-and-social driven economy, people are constantly flooded with so much content and advertising that they ignore most of it and trust even less of it. Increasingly, people filter content and focus on the people they know and trust for recommendations, referrals and how brands fit into their lives. When only 1% of those under 35 say an ad will sway their trust in a brand and almost 75% feel it’s their duty to help others make smarter purchasing decisions, you start to see why a social word-of-mouth impression is worth up to 200x a paid impression.

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– eBook “Keeping It Real – Why Building Authentic Social Word-of-Mouth Helps Your Business”

– Social Word-of-Mouth and Brand Advocacy Best Practices Checklist

– White Paper – “Benefits of Social Brand Advocacy”

Also, sign up for a Free 30-day trial of Smync, the Social Word-of-Mouth Marketing Platform. It helps you identify your enthusiasts and advocates, helps you grow those relationships and ignite a powerful advocate community.


People today increasingly value authenticity over content. For as much as you’re told “content is king”, the reality is if people don’t trust your brand first, they won’t consume your content or become a customer.

This, along with zero organic reach and rising paid media costs are reasons that you need to have social word-of-mouth and brand advocacy as part of your successful strategy.

Smync offers our cloud-based platform free for 30-days. Fill out the form below, we’ll schedule a quick 15-minute demo and then let youtake it for a spin and after 30 days, if you want to keep using it, use the code TSMM when you upgrade to get 20% off for as long as you use the platform. Building authentic relationships to spread your brand’s word makes an impact and our toolkit empowers you.

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