Social Word-of-Mouth

Billions of consumer conversations are flying around social media every day. And those talking about your brand – you’re not involved in over 90% of them. Smync helps you understand, engage with and harness the conversation around your brand, products and relevant topics, all in real-time.

Smync automatically configures and monitors all the discussion around your brand and keeps audiences of those talking about you most, those who may be influential and more so you can automatically, but personally engage and build relationships.

Additionally, our enhanced access to Twitter’s real-time firehose with enrichments and engagement data can allow you to discover audiences talking about the topics you want your brand involved with. Want to know who is discussing the topic or event of your interest in a specific city and has a certain level of social influence…we can help you engage with those people in real-time and get a real understanding of the results.

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