Start Building Real Brand Advocacy and Social Word-of-Mouth

A social word-of-mouth impression can be worth 200x a paid media impression and can trigger a purchase up to 50x more. People engage and reshare content 8-24x more from people they trust or employees. The ROI on brand advocacy is 4-10x that of paid media…so when we say traditional methods are broken and it’s time to have SWOM and Social Brand Advocacy in your strategy, we really believe that even if you don’t use our platform (but we love if you do!), you need to know why SWOM and Social Brand Advocacy are so important!

The Social Word-of-Mouth Starter Kit includes:

  • White paper – “The Benefits of Social Brand Advocacy”
  • Cheat Sheet – “Social Word-of-Mouth Best Practices”
  • eBooklet – “Keeping it Real – the Value of Authenticity”


Fill out the form to receive your complimentary “Social Word-of-Mouth Starter Kit”. You will get a confirmation email to approve to ensure it’s you wanting it…but it will come right away after that! If you would like to learn more about building Social Word-of-Mouth and Brand Advocacy, be sure to connect with Smync on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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