Social’s Impact on the Bottom Line

CEO’s, CFO’s, and business leaders and managers from every type and size of organization have always believed in the value of marketing, but deep down struggled severely with the inability to measure marketing’s impact on sales. Social media, until this point, has had success measured by vanity metrics – size of audience, likes, etc. But when marketers are competing for trust and attention and firmer measurements are needed, Social Brand Advocacy comes through.

Smync’s built-in link tracking and RoA technology can prove the results. From the content your brand and your advocates share across social media, through the dark social waters, Smync can provide real numbers on a community, content and individual level as to not just real social metrics and deeper engagement, but what that meant in digital conversion – earned media, key content, lead generation, email signups and actual purchases. See exactly what value your social media and Social Brand Advocate Community is returning.

Coming in May 2016, Smync will add a tool to help make you and your advocates’ Instagram feed “shoppable” making shopping easier for your audience and knowing exactly what sales come from this social network.

Results matter. Marketing needs to leave the Mad Men Metrics behind and Smync can provide you the actual sales coming from your social media.

Smync can track advocates results across social through digital - sales, earned media and more show Return on Advocacy

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