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Social Media Management Platforms aren’t new. But they’ve always been 6-figure annual expenses that only big business could afford. Smync’s simple-to-use platform builds lasting, authentic relationships that ignite social word-of-mouth and puts it in the hands of Main Street.

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Learn more about the features we’ve built into the Smync platform that make social for business about relationships that drive results.

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Consistently share great content, increase engagement and bring new interested people into your social communities.

Foster, grow and amplify brand enthusiasts to grow valued reach to their networks, driving engagement, referrals and trust.

Build an advocate movement that delivers social word-of-mouth. Your best fans become a community with voices that spreads farther and grows your business.

See the results, value and ROI of building relationships. Analytics that are truly actionable to help you make your social more efficient.

Why Use Smync?

Social media really should be the great equalizer for small business, the ability to connect as easily as any other brand. But it takes tools to do it efficiently, build relationships and amplify them. That’s why we’re so excited to be the first to offer a toolkit like this that is simple and accessible for small and mid-sized business.”

Jeff Ernst, COO

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