Social Brand Advocacy Resources

While everybody in the marketing space has had brand advocacy, building loyalty and social word-of-mouth at the top of their list of objectives, it is still a rapidly growing space and more brands are making a committed effort to this critical aspect of marketing success. Find some resources below to help give you a little background, best practices and research. You’ll get an idea of why the team at Smync is so passionate about Social Brand Advocacy.

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Keeping it Real – Brand Advocacy eBooklet

This eBooklet provides a guide to understanding the challenges that marketers in today’s always connected, social and mobile first environment face and provides a perspective on why engaging with authentic brand advocates and igniting a movement can provide high-performing, sustainable results and business impact.

Social Brand Advocacy Best Practices Checklist

This “Cheat Sheet” provides a straight-forward 1 page of bullet points on the steps to take to successfully building social brand advocacy and social word-of-mouth. There is a process, it takes some time, but the payoff and results are well past worth it. This best practices checklist gives you a good start.

Benefits of Social Brand Advocacy White Paper

When people look at the metrics of building social brand advocacy, they’re amazed. Almost 5 years ago now, Gallup said that if you want to make a business impact from social, social brand advocacy is the only way to make that work. This white paper provides you some measurements and metrics around the reasons behind, the reasons for and the results achievable by social brand advocacy.

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