Unlike every other enterprise-strength, agency-friendly, but small business affordable platform that unifies publishing, building social word-of-mouth, igniting brand advocacy and providing analytics (wait, we’re actually the ONLY one), Smync puts our pricing out there for all to see (yes, that is our pricing below).

We believe in transparency and True Social ROI starts by knowing what you have to invest in the tools to make your efforts go. Most companies won’t publish their pricing because either they’re embarrassed or take the “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” approach.

Our pricing is based on three simple factors and one choice:

1) How many different social communities you’ll be learning about and engaging with.

2) How many total social media connections are in your brand’s social communities you want Smync to work with

3) How many new social connections you want Smync to analyze, monitor and attempt to grow your communities with.

The only other choice is if you want to add have the ability to build a branded advocate community (or communities) where you’ll be able to invite your best, most passionate brand advocates and build a community and gain insights, have contests, get them sharing and scaling your content, testing ideas, having them interact, gaining user generated content, building trust…the sustainable social word of mouth our Enthusiast package creates.

  • Smync Plans

  • Social ProfilesSocial Profiles
  • Total Social Audience SizeTotal Social Audience Size
  • Audience Build SizeAudience Build Size
  • Team MembersTeam Members
  • Dedicated Account RepDedicated Account Rep
  • Ignite Advocate PlatformIgnite Advocate Platform
  • Additional UserAdditional User
  • Multi-brand management Multi-brand management
  • User Rights/WorkflowUser Rights/Workflow

  • Base

  • $49

    per month

  • Social ProfilesUp to 10
  • Total Social Audience SizeUp to 100,000
  • Audience Build SizeUp to 1,000
  • Team Members1
  • Dedicated Account Rep
  • Ignite Advocate Platform$99 per community
  • Additional User$49/1 $199/5
  • Multi-brand management $299/month
  • User Rights/Workflow$299/month

  • Plus

  • $99

    per month

  • Social ProfilesUp to 20
  • Total Social Audience SizeUp to 250,000
  • Audience Build SizeUp to 2,500
  • Team Members1
  • Dedicated Account Rep
  • Ignite Advocate Platform$99 per community
  • Additional User$49/1 $199/5
  • Multi-brand management $299/month
  • User Rights/Workflow$299/month

  • Pro

  • $299

    per month

  • Social ProfilesUp to 30
  • Total Social Audience SizeUp to 500,000
  • Audience Build SizeUp to 10,000
  • Team Members3
  • Dedicated Account Rep
  • Ignite Advocate Platform$99 per community
  • Additional User$49/1 $199/5
  • Multi-brand management $299/month
  • User Rights/Workflow$299/month

  • Enterprise / Agency

  • $999

    per month

  • Social ProfilesUnlimited
  • Total Social Audience SizeStarts at 1,000,000
  • Audience Build SizeStarts at 1,000,000
  • Team MembersUnlimited
  • Dedicated Account Rep
  • Ignite Advocate Platform$399 per community
  • Additional UserUnlimited
  • Multi-brand management Included
  • User Rights/WorkflowIncluded

Annual Plan – Pay for Annual Plan, Get 2 months free

Request Enterprise and Agency pricing structure

All Enthusiast Plans Include:

All Advocate Plans Include:

  • Optimized social media publishing
  • Content builder based on keywords, filters
  • Automatic content tagging for reaching outside interested people
  • Easily identify, engage with and respond to your best connections
  • Search, monitor and engage with best potential connections
  • Build audiences based on interests, demographics, geography, topics
  • Individual brand interaction history
  • Build scalable personalized enthusiast conversations
  • Grow communities with enthusiast audience building
  • Launch enthusiast content-sharing campaigns
  • Link shortener tracks social, web, dark social activity
  • Complete enthusiast analytics suite
  • Extensive video tips and training library
  • Weekly webinar and office hours live support
  • Support Portal and Email Support
  • Everything in the Enthusiast Plan
  • Invite best connections to advocate platform
  • Simple, powerful Advocate Community Module
  • Create brand advocate community
  • Content management system w/share controls
  • All brand social content feed
  • Advocate social content social creation/feed
  • Survey builder
  • Test marketing polls
  • Sticky content widgets for contests, features
  • Scalable advocate content sharing
  • Complete advocate analytics including reach, conversion
  • Track website behaviors to your digital properties

All Enterprise and Agency Plans Include:

  • All features in standard Enthusiast or Enthusiast + Advocate Plans
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Internal Workflow/Assignments
  • Rights Management
  • Advanced Analytics and Insights
  • Unlimited Brands/Clients
  • One-on-one onboarding and training
  • Dedicated Success Representative
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support

Pricing and Billing FAQ’s

Why Smync?

Smync is the simple, powerful brand enthusiast and advocate marketing solution that helps brands and agencies engage and maximize the social reach and business benefits of their best social connections, providing results and ROI beyond paid media.

What’s provided in the Free Trial?

All of the features are fully functional, but there are some limits based on data costs.

What limits are there in the Free Trial?

While using our free trial, we limit our return to your 200 most engaged and potential connections, as well as limiting you to 3 enthusiast audiences and 3 enthusiast campaigns. We do this because gathering the data to has costs and limits.

Is there a contract?

No. There are never any contracts with Smync. We prefer our pricing to be transparent, our experience unbeatable and helping everybody with our solution. We’re always making it better, taking input from our customers, truly trying to make something that is really helpful and provides clear results. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s ok.

What’s the difference between monthly and annual?

We try to make billing simple and give our customers a true value using Smync. If given the choice between spending $400/month on paid advertising and $400 with Smync, we’d like to think you see a better return very quickly and as time progresses, it becomes many times greater. But to make that even easier, you can either pay by the month, or if you pay for a year in advance, you get 12 months for the price of 10 – for example, if you had a $399/month plan, if you paid for an annual plan, your price would be $3990 instead of $4788, a savings of greater than 16%.

Can I cancel anytime?

If you are on a month-to-month or an annual plan, you can cancel at any time. However, we do not prorate or refund billings for any cancellations during the middle of a billing cycle, either monthly or annual. You will have access to your account and the information in it until the end of the billing cycle. For any cancellation, once this is processed, you are no longer able to get into the system to retrieve any information, reporting, etc.

Why do you need my credit card and when will it be charged?

We do need your credit card in order to bill your account when it becomes due. After your free trial, we will need to bill a credit card for you to continue to use the Smync platform (only one free trial per company and/or company domain). We bill on the same calendar day of each month and you will receive a receipt via email upon the charging of each month’s bill.

How do you calculate ‘total aggregate social media fans’ for determining pricing?

At the beginning of each billing cycle, we look at the number of fans in your brand’s social media communities you attach to your account as well as the fans in any correlating communities you request for the Smync platform to analyze to look for potential connections. For example, if you have a Facebook community with 5,000 fans and a Twitter community with 10,000 fans and you want to analyze an industry magazine with 4,000 fans to search for potential connections excited about your type of product, that would represent 19,000 fans. However, if you decided you just wanted to check the big national competitor with 200,000 fans for a few days to try to convince them to shop with you, your pricing would be based on the total 219,000 fans and the system would inform you of the price increase and requesting you confirm the new price and approve it before continuing. If you removed them days later, the price for that billing period still remains based on the 219,000 fans. At the beginning of the billing cycle, prior to billing, the system will check for the total fans again and will bill based on that total aggregate social media fans amount

What happens if I exceed the combined social fans in my current plan?

If you exceed the combined social fans in your current plan, the system will notify you at the time of adding those fans, what the price difference would be and charge at that time. The system will calibrate the total amount prior to each billing cycle. Most (99% +/- a percent or two) will never have this occur. We do this because most businesses will have a consistent use and strategy. However, if Dave’s Phone Repair decides they want to target all AT&T’s social media following and have us analyze for the best fans, data and a lot of other components have associated costs, so we just can’t do that without appropriate cost.

What is your refund policy?

At Smync, we offer a good opportunity to try our service before buying, offer great training, support and everything needed to ensure you haven’t paid for something before you understand the value and know what you’re paying for. Because we offer a free trial and do not require contracts and accounts can be cancelled at any time, we do not offer refunds or prorating unless significant or unique circumstances exist, which must be submitted via email, fax or in writing to our main office. Approval for refunds must come from either the CEO or COO of Smync. While that may sound extreme, we’d say we give a lot on the front end to make sure you never have to ask us and we’ve earned what you agreed to pay for.