Smync provides the integrated cloud-based toolkit to help you build authentic Social Word-of-Mouth and advocacy, empowering growth in trusted social reach, greater engagement, amplifying paid media, driving sales and building brand equity. From identifying your best potential advocates, to managing and fostering relationships, to finding audiences interested in topics and personally engaging one-to-many, to growing referrals, to building a branded advocate community where your biggest fans get an unique insider connection to your brand with exclusive content, surveys, chat, photo contests, community content and more.

Igniting and sustaining a brand advocate community represents the highest ROI your brand can earn from your marketing efforts. From gaining scalable, trusted reach created by advocates across all the major social networks from content shared by your advocates to gaining insights both directly via surveys, chats and social data to gaining user-generated content that helps tell your brand story through consumer eyes, there is a reason Brand Advocacy and building Social Word-of-Mouth at this level is King.

Enterprise marketers are painfully aware that even your best fans don’t see a majority of your social content. Getting them to a community you own where they can share your content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr or Pinterest can help add a lot of highly-engaged reach. Additionally, you can provide exclusive content, offers, contests or events that provide the advocate the 2-way connection and insider experience your best fans crave. These advocates generate much higher reach, trust, referrals, insights and more business – than other methods do.

Gain deep analytics within the advocate community, seeing the value and impact generated across all the social networks on an individual advocate, content and community level, helping you choose who you want to surprise and delight, what content resonates best and how much value you generate from your advocate community vs. paid media.

We always tell people building an advocate community, just like any relationship, takes some work, but the payoff is great – far greater than any other form of marketing or advertising. Ask us for a demo or ideas, we’re happy to chat.

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