How Smync Works

Building Brand Advocacy, Word-of-Mouth and Loyalty are top objectives for Fortune 500 CMOs and the smallest businesses. But, it is a different process than many traditional marketing/communications/advertising practices because you are building relationships and a community with your best fans and customers, not just flipping the switch on an ad. Shown below is the basic process our technology empowers. Still not sure, schedule a demo below or with our managed services, our team can be a part of your team, be your experts and build the movement for you.

Step 1 – Identify and Connect


Find your best fans, customers and advocates instantly. Smync makes the hard part of identifying brand advocates easy. Our patent-pending system and algorithm identifies your most engaged, socially vocal people across all your social communities instantly. We show you the best and give you the tools to quickly engage and start building relationships with the people whose words, content and action deliver real marketing and business results.

Smync builds Social Media Relationships for Brands

Step 2 – Invite and Ignite


Start building a community you own. Ignite engagement with those who want to learn more. Authentically connecting with the right people is the key to success. Inviting your best advocates to your community is one-click easy, providing them with a personalized invitation only they can access. Additionally, our powerful SWOM tool can help you find people in real-time talking about your brand, products, relevant topics and more, allowing you to personalize one-to-many engagement with easy-to-use landing page, survey and buzz-generating tools. Communicate, connect, construct.

Step 3 – Engage and Empower


Build a thriving, active community. Drive sharing. Get the best content and insights. Bring your advocates to your VIP clubhouse where they get exclusive content, see all your content, take part in photo contests, generate referrals, have special events, engage with each other, become your best focus group and have fun with ways to gamify the experience. Consumers want to see how others talk about and experience your brand. That’s why User-Generated Content (UGC) proves incredibly powerful and content shared by advocates gets much higher engagement than that shared by the brand.  The value advocates get is this insider connection and community – the value you get is measurable results.

Social Brand Advocate Communities build Word of Mouth

Smync Provides Deep Social Analytics to Improve Social Performance

Step 4 – Amplify and Maximize


Discover, manage and amplify the best user-generated content. Do it wisely. Between your advocates helping improve your message and showing the content they like best, mixed with the powerful, proven results of UGC, you’re able to curate, manage, obtain rights and publish the best UGC with our patent-pending scoring system as well as make any paid media efforts far more effective. Additionally, our social shopping utility makes platforms like Instagram a far better experience for consumers to make purchases and for you to understand where those sales came from.

Step 5 – Analyze and Measure


No marketing efforts or expense matter if it doesn’t bring measurable results. Smync places high priority on measurable results. From our link shortener that provides deep social tracking; to measuring social metrics on a individual, content and community level; to tracking impact from social to your website including sales, lead generation, email signups and high-value content, we want you to easily see the business impact your advocates are generating. Optionally, we can layer your CRM and big data insights everywhere, providing up to 8,000 data segments – demographic, psychographic, purchase intent, brand preference, mosaics and more – wrapping social insights with big data in ways never done before to give you a total picture.

Smync can track advocates results across social through digital - sales, earned media and more show Return on Advocacy

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