The Clubhouse for Your Super-Fans

Authentic brand advocacy is based on the premise that your advocates have a passion for your brand. While passion is a very strong word, people becomes connected to and want to share the good experiences they have. The value for brand advocates to become an advocate is the deeper, insider relationship they have with the brand. Where many other advocate ‘solutions’ fail is the relationship is very one-sided – share content, share offers, etc. – it leads to lack of engagement, burnout, turnover and sliding returns.

Smync built our Community based on the premise that it has to be a two-way experience between the brands and their advocates. Advocates get exclusive content, see all your social content (instead of the usual less than 5%), get to become a community with other advocates, can get sneak peaks on new products and ads, take part in photo contests and surveys, engage in chat or video events with brand executives and more. Gamification to increase engagement further will be added by the end of May 2016.

In the end, advocates need to feel special and the Smync platform let’s you easily build a branded clubhouse that does that. From there, your value is the multiplier of insights, content, referrals, loyalty and sales. A 12% increase in advocacy has been shown to 2x your rate of revenue increase. Return on Advocacy is a real thing.

Social Brand Advocate Communities build Word of Mouth

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