In the ever-changing, ever-challenging social media landscape, building brand loyalty, enthusiasm and advocacy are keys to sustainable marketing success. Smync provides an integrated platform that identifies, sparks and ignites relationships with the people who are engaged and enthusiastic about your brand. Managing engagement, scale enthusiast conversations, increase trusted reach and build branded advocate communities with a unique experience where advocates see all your content, get exclusive access and become an energized community with other advocates, your brand gains from the results.

If your social analytics are still focused on reach, impressions and likes, it’s time to move ahead and translate it to efficiency, business impact and ROI.

Smync’s analytics give you clear dashboards to know everything you want to see – what type of content is performing with your engaged audiences, which enthusiasts or advocates are really spreading positive words about your brand, how much value your advocate community is bringing in compared to paid media or sales. Easily see what, who and why your efforts are working and do more of that.

Gain additional deep insights about who is engaging with content, the demographics of people responds to certain questions in social surveys, how many times an advocate’s friend shared the link via email that can be tracked to the original social advocate.

Analytics don’t have to be stacks and stacks of vanity metrics or based on how many eyeballs saw something. It needs to be precise, actionable information that helps your business grow. If your content reaches 50% more people – that’s great, it’s reach you didn’t have to pay for and people trust it more because it was shared by your enthusiasts. If engagement goes up 25% percent, you know people like what you’re sharing and more of that is good. If referrals go up 100%, well, that’s just more business and that’s what you’re here for.

The Smync platform guides you through the social relationship continuum, building sustainable relationships and improving your social so you succeed instead of spinning your wheels or pulling the advertising slot machine. Make it easier on yourself, see the results and get True Social ROI.

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