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The Total Social Brand Advocacy Solution

Your business competes for 2 things – Consumers’ Trust and Attention. Traditional marketing is broken – ad blocks, so much noise, and vanity metrics don’t equal business. Smync’s solution makes it easy to power authentic social brand advocacy from consumers and employees, igniting reach, engagement, trust and awareness that creates real influence, insights, sales and loyalty.

Quickly Identify, Recruit and Activate Authentic Advocates and Ignite Movements

Quickly and easily build and grow communities of your best fans from all your social channels that you own, not rent. Smync’s patent-pending system identifies your best advocates and makes it easy to grow, foster and amplify these relationships and build an engaged community that keeps advocates excited, contributing insights, sharing content and growing trust that leads to new consumer sales. Our platform provides tools to empower advocates, energize campaigns, deliver powerful data-driven insights and measure business results with no additional IT or programming resources required.

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Make Brand and Employee Advocacy a Success Story with your C-Suite

Businesses have tried building brand and employee advocacy tactics before with big challenges and pain points. It’s hard and takes time to identify advocates, you need to keep them activated, and measuring the results without affiliate links and other mechanisms that reduce trust are a challenge. But you know and believe brand advocacy works – 10x ROI vs. paid, 50x more likely to trigger purchases, 4x more trust compared to the brand. Smync removes these pain points so you can more quickly and effectively start building successful programs. Our platform automatically identifies your advocates and we get 5x the engagement vs. those picked by leading agencies. Our belief in a 2-way experience that keeps advocates engaged and feeling valued generates greater, sustained results. If you don’t have the resources to drive your program, just ask – we have the experts.

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Harness the Power of Deeper Insights and Authentic Advocate-Generated Content

Before consumers buy from your brand, they want someone they trust to show how your brand fits into their life and discover experiences that other people have had with your brand. The most powerful way is by capturing and using authentic user-generated content where your advocates and enthusiasts provide their authentic stories, photos and videos you’re able to share and that drive results up to 200x an ad impression. Smync provides tools to curate and utilize the UGC and 3rd party data to drive insights and measure real results that matter to business – engagement, leads, sales.

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Return on Advocacy. Real Business. It's a Real Thing...and we can Prove It.

Up to 27% of your business is driven by word-of-mouth. Brand advocacy directly impacts your sales, moving consumers past the Moment of Trust. Customers referred by word-of-mouth are 16% more loyal and have an 18% higher lifetime value. While statistics are great, you want to know what it does for your business. Smync’s RoA tracking tracks results from your advocate community to an individual, community and content level through dark social to show the sales volume generated by your advocate community, how many leads were generated, what valuable content was viewed and who signed up for your emails. We can provide real impressions (ask your current software provider about that) and 16 other engagement points most solutions don’t have. Additionally, we can deliver big data insights to help improve your other marketing activities. Want real measurement on real results?

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Some of the thousands of clients who have utilized Smync technology to drive real social media results.

Smync and Why Social Brand Advocacy Matters

Free Resources - The Social Word-of-Mouth Starter Kit

Over 4.5 years ago, Gallup, America’s most trusted polling organization, through their research concluded that the only way to affect sales via social media was social brand advocacy. Today, marketers are finally realizing that the traditional methods of social and digital don’t impact business, and social word-of-mouth and brand advocacy are important parts of a strategy.

Smync offers a free Social Word-of-Mouth Starter Kit, which includes 3 great e-publications – a white paper on understanding the impact of social word-of-mouth, a best practices cheat sheet on building social brand advocacy and an e-booklet on keeping it real – the value of authenticity in build social brand advocacy. Get your copy of the Social Word-of-Mouth Starter Kit here

Some of the leading publications who have featured Smync for their expertise in social word-of-mouth, brand advocacy and social media marketing impact.

Smync in the Media

Even if the team at Smync hadn’t developed our easy-to-use, powerful platform to grow social word-of-mouth and brand advocacy, we are passionate believers and thought leaders about it. We are frequently interviewed, give workshops and speak at conferences about how traditional digital and social marketing doesn’t work and it’s time to focus on the relationships that deliver trust and attention.

Young Upstarts – June 24, 2016

“Ditch Your Old Marketing Tactics and Invest in Social Word-of-Mouth Marketing” Contributed by CEO Jeff Ernst. Read the article here.

Business2Community – May 6, 2016

“The End of Mad Men Marketing” Contributed by CEO Jeff Ernst. Read the article here.

CMS Wire – April 6, 2016

“How Word-of-Mouth Marketing Influences IoT Strategy” interview of CEO Jeff Ernst. Read the article here. – Mar 14, 2016

“Restaurant hits Social Media Engagement Lottery – but is it Good Marketing?” Contributed by CEO Jeff Ernst. Read the article here.

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